Потребителска група на Machine Learning

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Бъди част от Machine Learning обществото в България.

Запиши се и ще ти пишем за следващата среща на групата

Защо да се включиш?

Какво ти предлагаме?

Защо да се включиш?


Запознай се

с други Machine Learning специалисти и обменяйте опит, знания и идеи



водещи лектори и се включи в интересни дискусии



за последните Machine Learning тенденции


Посмей се

и изпий по бира с твоите хора


Вдъхнови се

от успехите и опита на другите


Мисли дългосрочно

Ако искаш да си успешен в професията си, трябва да се обградиш с други будни хора от твоята област

Какво ти предлагаме?


Офлайн среща

всеки месец (лекции, дискусии, бира)



от хора като теб.


Имейл бюлетин

със събития, личности и новини от Machine Learning сферата.

Algorithmic trading with MQL4/5 & Machine Learning

>>> Forex market introduction. Leverage.
>>> Technical analysis
>>> Benefits of algorithmic trading.
>>> Building Expert Advisors with MQL4/5.
>>> Backtesting.
>>> Forward testing on Demo/Real accounts. Different brokers.
>>> Time series – Definition of the problem.
>>> Data preprocessing. Common approaches.
>>> Some basic models.
>>> Some advanced models.

>>> Q&A част;
>>> Networking част.

Минали събития


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HyperScience brings AI to the office. We use machine learning to help enterprises and government institutions automate various types of office work, doing them better, faster, and cheaper to reduce bureaucratic burden both on businesses and their customers. With products like HS Forms and HS Evaluate, we enhance operational efficiency, improve customer service and turnaround times, and unlock new product and feature possibilities for our clients.

FactSet (NYSE:FDS | NASDAQ:FDS) delivers superior analytics, service, content, and technology to help more than 88,000 users see and seize opportunity sooner. We are committed to giving investment professionals the edge to outperform, with fresh perspectives, informed insights, and the industry-leading support of our dedicated specialists. We’re proud to have been recognized with multiple awards for our analytical and data-driven solutions and repeatedly ranked as one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For and a Best Workplace in the United Kingdom and France.

Lab08 is one of the aspiring software companies in Bulgaria specializing in product development services in areas such as Marketing, User Testing, Social Media and more. It was founded in 2018 by professionals with invaluable experience in building big data systems with multiple integrations. The company builds long-term partnerships with customers mainly on the Scandinavian market. Lab08’s employees have the opportunity to deep dive and study the clients’ businesses. By using this experience, they develop innovative functionalities for their product, which look fantastic but are also reliable. This is why Lab08 is a trusted partner for the journey of clients and employees alike.

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