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>>> DEV.BG is the biggest IT community in Bulgaria – we work with 20 000 + IT professionals and 200+ IT companies

>>> Since 2016 we’ve organized more than 400 events for IT professionals. Every month we organize 15 events, attended by more than 800 people

>>> We’ve been selected to take part in Endeavor’s „Dare to scale“ program which focuses on companies that have the potential to grow big

>>> We are proud to have great people in the team: a participant in Forbe’s „30 under 30“ list; a participant in Darik’s „40 under 40“ list; an LSE graduate; a winner of „Next Generation Entrepreneur“ award… are just some of the like-minded people you will work with

>>> We are a small motivated team. We love what we do. We believe that our work is meaningful and it helps IT professionals realize their potential!


>>> We are looking for a person who wants to use his/her marketing powers to develop meaningful projects

>>> This role will be a good fit for you if you have 2 to 3 years of digital marketing experience in a B2C environment (preferably in a StartUp or a small/middle company, or a digital marketing agency)

>>> You need to know how to play with the digital marketing instruments

>>> We also use offline channels but digital is at the core of our marketing strategy

>>> Do you get along with numbers and data? You need to be able to analyze data and identify trends

>>> We love working with self-driven, responsible people. Who doesn’t? You read those hype words in every other job ad but we take them seriously

>>> You don’t need to speak better than the Queen but you need to be able to communicate freely in English (both verbally and in writing)

>>> Oh, it’s a fast-paced environment which is the cool wording for “we work hard”

>>> You don’t need any technical knowledge or programming skills


>>> We organize 15 events every month. You’ll have a leading role in promoting these events. We use a variety of channels: social media (both paid and organic), email marketing, community marketing, content, some guerilla tactics. And we are eager to develop new ways to promote the events!

>>> We have a number of special events throughout the year (e.g. – our biggest yearly event is DEV.BG All In One with 800+ attendees from 200+ companies). You will lead the marketing efforts for those events.

>>> You will be involved in developing new event formats. We plan to launch international online events.

>>> 20 % of your time goes to activities related to the development of the overall DEV.BG brand


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