Digital Marketing Expert – Start-Up Project


>>> DEV.BG is the biggest IT community in Bulgaria – we work with 20 000 + IT professionals and 200+ IT companies

>>> Since 2016 we’ve organized more than 300 events for IT professionals. Every month we organize 15 events, attended by more than 800 people

>>> In 2018 we launched our new project – aims to disrupt the hiring industry in the IT sphere. It’s a platform through which IT professionals help other IT professionals find their dream job. Think “Uber for hiring”!

>>> We are a small motivated team. We love what we do. We believe that our work is meaningful and it helps IT professionals realize their potential!


>>> We are looking for a person who wants to use his/her marketing powers to develop meaningful projects

>>> This role will be a good fit for you if you have 2 to 3 years of digital marketing experience in a B2C environment (preferably in a StartUp or a small/middle company, or a digital marketing agency)

>>> You need to know how to play with the digital marketing instruments

>>> Do you get along with numbers and data? You need to be able to analyze data and identify trends

>>> We love working with self-driven, responsible people. Who doesn’t? You read those hype words in every other job ad but we take them seriously

>>> You don’t need to speak better than the Queen but you need to be able to communicate freely in English (both verbally and in writing)

>>> Oh, it’s a fast-paced environment which is the cool wording for “we work hard” 🙂

>>> You don’t need any technical knowledge or programming skills


>>> 40% of your time will be dedicated to events: Our biggest yearly event is DEV.BG All In One. This year’s target is the event to be attended by more than 800 people. You will have a leading role in building and executing the marketing strategy for the event. You will also be involved in developing new event formats in the future

>>> 40% of your time goes to Hire Heroes. This is the new, crazy project of DEV.BG, dedicated to direct hiring. It needs your marketing magic to grow! You will participate in developing the strategy and executing activities which will aim at attracting more job applicants with IT background to the platform.

>>> 20 % of your time goes to activities related to the development of the overall DEV.BG brand

>>> Good news! You don’t need to work on both events and Hire Heroes in the long run. You’ll have the opportunity to experience both projects and we’ll decide together which one fits you better. So, in six or so months you will focus 80% of your efforts on either events or Hire Heroes


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