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Зарежда Събития
Machine Learning
Изминало събитие

[Webinar]Machine Learning: Understanding Transformers Models

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За събитието

This event is part of the DEV.BG Machine Learning user group.

>>> From Attention to Transformer Models
>>> Understanding a few famous models: GPT, BERT, etc.
>>> An example: building a document understanding model with transformers

>>> Q&A part;

Speakers: Louis Duperier
>>> Louis works as a Machine Learning Engineering Manager at Hyperscience, focusing on unstructured document understanding in small-data regime;
>>> Previous research includes predicting popularity of music and small-scale inventory forecasting;
>>> Holds a Master in Machine Learning from Ecole Polytechnique and a MSc MS&E from Stanford.

Supported by: Hyperscience & Factset & Lab08
HyperScience brings AI to the office. Through ML solutions they help various enterprises and government institutions to automate the hectic back office work.
FactSet delivers superior analytics, service, content, and technology to help more than 88,000 users see and seize opportunity sooner.
Lab08 is one of the youngest software companies in Bulgaria, which develops products in the field of HR, consumer tests, social media and more. It is mainly made up of professionals with invaluable experience in building big data systems with multiple integrations.

This is an online event. Register and few hours prior to the event you’ll receive an attendance link.

User group: Machine Learning
Organized by DEV.BG
November 9th, 7:30 pm



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