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[Webinar]Blockchain: Synchronising peers without direct communication

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За събитието

*The event will be in English.
This event is part of the DEV.BG’s Blockchain user group.

>>> What is Hedera Hashgraph;
>>> What is Hedera Consensus Service (HCS);
>>> How can we use HCS to synchronise peers that don’t communicate directly;
>>> Example of bridge validators for Hedera to Ethereum bridge;

>>> Q&A part.

SPEAKERS: George Spasov & Daniel Ivanov
George and Daniel are blockchain architects at LimeChain – one of the top professional blockchain services companies in the world. They have vast experience in multiple networks and the team lead by them became the first one contributing to the state of the art core codebase of Hedera Hashgraph.
George Spasov
>>> George is co-founder and blockchain architect in LimeChain.
>>> Together with Lime, George has been able to complete 50+ projects and has been widely regarded as one of the top blockchain minds around the world – from famous blockchain startups like Status and DaoStack, to enterprises like Procter & Gamble and PwC.
Daniel Ivanov
>>> Daniel is blockchain architect in LimeChain.
>>> His strive for high quality has enabled him to quickly raise as one of the go to people for all matters architecture related and the clients love him.
>>> He has recently been building the team working with Hedera Hashgraph into win after win, becoming the first recognised external contributor to the protocol.

Supported by: Paysafe group
Paysafe group is a leading global provider of complete payment solutions.

This is an online event. Register and few hours prior to the event you’ll receive an attendance link.

User group: Blockchain
Organized by DEV.BG

January 21st, 7:30 pm

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