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*The event will be in English


This event is part of the DEV.BG’s JavaScript user group.

>>> Software developers today face architectural decisions aimed at scalability, technology diversity, reusability, isolation, and fault tolerance.
>>> Micro-Frontends offer a solution, enabling development teams to redefine web app development, fostering flexibility and adaptability.
>>> Like Back-End Microservices, Micro-Frontends promote modularity, scalability, and flexibility, creating an independent ecosystem of web components.
>>> In this presentation, we’ll explore Micro-Frontend advantages, implementation methods, and real-world applications, while also addressing potential drawbacks and challenges.
>>> It’s essential to recognize that every architectural choice comes with its own set of challenges.

>>> Q&A part.


This is an online event.

Organized by: DEV.BG is a specialized Job Board for IT jobs.

JavaScript jobs: If you are looking for a job related to the JavaScript technology, view the job listings here.

September 21th, 7:30 pm

speaker bio
Fabio Zuin Fabio Zuin Software Engineer Devexperts

За лектора

Fabio’s career began in 2014 when he had his first experience as a full-stack developer. However, he discovered his passion for front-end development during this time, starting on 2017 to be fully focused on FE.

Fabio has gained extensive expertise in constructing various systems, ranging from customer service platforms to highly reliable banking systems. In his projects, he heavily relies on the power of the JavaScript/TypeScript environments, to create innovative front-end solutions. He also embraces new architectures and paradigms that emerge within the front-end development landscape, so as new frameworks.

As he often expresses, we, as professionals in the 21st century, have a responsibility to deliver exceptional user experiences and optimal solutions for customers.



Devexperts creates one-of-a-kind custom software and trading platforms for the world's most respected financial institutions.

Progress is a technology company that creates products to develop, deploy and manage high-performance business applications. The company's largest office is located in Sofia, Bulgaria, where many of the innovations the company brings to market are developed.

Lab08 is one of the young software companies in Bulgaria that develops products in areas such as HR, User Testing, Social Media, etc. It was founded by professionals with invaluable experience in building big data systems with multiple integrations.

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