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*The event will be in English.

This event is part of the DEV.BG’s IT Entrepreneurship user group.



This talk will describe my journey of building 5 companies, the mistakes I made along the way, and how these lessons are shaping my life’s philosophy today. We will cover both general principles, as well as detailed tactical points. 

>>> Desire: understand your why, it might be different from the one you start with.
>>> Find your edge: you can have anything you want, but not everything you want, so choose wisely.
>>> Team up: where there are peaks, there are valleys
>>> Give: if you have a problem, go solve this problem for someone else!
>>> When will you quit? Finish what you begin.
>>> 10x and run your process: The Day you turn Pro.

>>> Q&A part. 

User group: IT Entrepreneurship 

Organized by DEV.BG

January 25th, 7:30 pm

speaker bio
Botty Dimanov Botty Dimanov CEO & Co-founder of Tenyks Tenyks

За лектора

Botty Dimanov holds a Ph.D. in Explainable AI from the University of Cambridge. During his studies, he bootstrapped 4 businesses with little external funding, while coming up with a patent-pending invention and publishing 7 papers at World Leading AI conferences. Botty is currently the CEO & Co-founder of Tenyks, a YC startup* that is inventing the way humanity interacts with AI to protect the world from the terminator.

*YC is the Harvard of accelerators with 17,000 applicants per batch and an acceptance rate of 3-4%. 



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Excitel is Uber for Broadband in emerging markets. The company provides home internet through an ecosystem of thousands of small partner companies based on a common technology platform of its own development. The model has proven itself in India, where Exatel has entered the top 10 ISPs, including more than 500,000 home customers in less than 5 years. Exatel is a project of serial entrepreneurs, pioneers of the Bulgarian Internet and has attracted 2 rounds of funding for a total of 6 million euros. The company has achieved financial sustainability.

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IT Entrepreneurship: From Cambridge PhD to YC: How to begin?
Лектор: Botty Dimanov
25 януаривторник


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