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DEV.BG Job Board offers Ukrainian IT specialists access to the Bulgarian tech market

With the start of the COVID pandemic, the rules of the working space changed – we saw the emergence of hybrid models, fully remote-jobs, and agile solutions for every employee in the tech sector. Now, in the reality of war times we live in, all the countries worldwide are forced to reevaluate their policies and actively contribute to ensuring a better future not only for their own people but also for the conflict-affected population.

In the current situation, many Ukrainian colleagues are looking for jobs and a safer working environment outside their country. We, at DEV.BG, realize our value in assisting foreign specialists to grow their careers, as well as our responsibility to the Ukrainian professionals willing to live and work in Bulgaria. Hence, our company is committed to supporting the process of integrating all tech professionals from Ukraine into the growing Bulgarian tech sector.

One hub for the entire Bulgarian IT community

Starting as a small, but promising IT community in 2016, DEV.BG developed quickly to one of the leading technological job boards in Bulgaria. The company provides a unique platform that connects IT professionals with tech companies and serves as an incubator for exchanging ideas, stories, experiences, and possibilities. Acting as a connector and builder of the local tech ecosystem, DEV.BG aspires to help innovative organizations to attract the best talents by supporting them with a vast array of services such as recruitment, employer branding, media, advertising, etc.

After receiving a widely positive response from the local market for its initiatives, DEV.BG evolved into a tech job board that aims to reinforce the development of Bulgaria’s IT talents. Currently, among the company’s clients are tech giants such as Uber, Accenture, Gameloft, HP, DXC Technology, SAP, and many more. More than 30 000 experts, or half of the entire tech ecosystem in the country (60 000 professionals), are members of the platform’s network. Now, we are happy to introduce this network to Ukraine’s top tech talent, offering help wherever needed.

Over 6000 job listings waiting for you

With our Job Board, we are able to create enormous value for job seekers, both inside and outside of Bulgaria. Our platform provides assistance in finding the right job for every specialist in the IT sector, no matter where he or she is located, as many options for remote jobs are also available.
The community we have built around DEV.BG consists of professionals, talents, companies, and entrepreneurs – all ready to help a newcomer out, giving the right advice or a job opportunity. Ensuring an ecosystem of collaboration between different branches in the IT sector is what sets us apart from other job platforms on the market.

Thanks to this, we are able to help IT specialists coming from Ukraine find the most suitable jobs and work in companies that are the right fit for them. We have the necessary resources to offer just that – our Job Board consolidates more than 6000 job listings in the tech sector from over 900 IT companies, spreading across 41 tech categories. As of today, we have 70 000+ recorded job applications, while 200 job postings are added each day еxclusively from the Bulgarian IT sector.

One of the unique features of the platform is the company profiles section. Every employer in the DEV.BG network has its own company profile that can be viewed at any time, so the experts are empowered to make the most informed decisions before applying for a job. In addition, our website hosts information about current IT projects and success stories as well as connects experienced professionals with newcomers in the field of computer sciences. All these activities naturally lead to forming a hub of possibilities and a constant exchange of ideas for everyone willing to develop in the tech sector, both inside and outside Bulgaria.

Moreover, DEV.BG organizes over 160 specialized tech events throughout the year, providing the opportunity for experts from various IT fields to exchange knowledge, the latest know-how about new technologies, and relevant case studies. The culmination is our biggest conference – DEV.BG All in One, gathering in one place more than 2500 specialists from the areas of internet innovation and technologies.

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Last, but not least – our Digest section offers a unique storytelling angle to successful companies from all over the tech world – from renowned experts in particular areas to company evolution and emergence of new technologies.

The flourishing IT sector in Bulgaria

The development of the Bulgarian tech sector for the past 10 years has been exponential, and this has been proven by many credible industry sources. DEV.BG has conducted various market research efforts to bring relevant, useful data to one accessible source – our website.
We had the opportunity to meet and talk with leading CEOs and executives from the sector, who confirmed the ever-growing industry trend and increasing job opportunities in the sector.

“My dream is that in 10 years Bulgaria will have established itself as the epicenter of information technology in Eastern Europe. To do this, the state needs to recognize the technology sector as a strategically important one and actively support it. To make the necessary changes in the education system in order to feed the labor market as a well-functioning production line”, shared with us Svetozar Georgiev, Co-Founder, Telerik Academy.

Svetozar is one of the successful entrepreneurs in Bulgaria, contributing to shaping the course of development of the entire technology sector in Bulgaria.

A report by the World Economic Forum states that in 2015 Bulgaria has ranked 54th in the world (out of 144 countries) regarding competitiveness in the IT sector and has improved its score ever since. Тhe country outperforms a number of other EU member states, like Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, and Greece. Global leaders in the industry such as HP, IBM, SAP, VMWare, Adecco, and others, have chosen Bulgaria mainly because of the access to talents and the industry indicators of the fastest-growing ICT sector in Eastern Europe.

Another study by the Bulgarian Association of Software Companies (BASSCOM) confirms that during 2020-21 the sector marked a 10% growth in revenues despite COVID-19, compared to the country’s 5,5% drop in GDP. More than 60 international software brands have opened offices in the Bulgarian market.

Moreover, as a member of the European Union, Bulgaria has a stable, steady democratic system, able to successfully attract foreign investments. With its competitive labor cost and highly-educated workforce, the country boasts an incredible amount of well-versed and talented IT specialists.

Building a better future together

The tech industry is capable of transcending boundaries and borders – we can confirm this from our experience in DEV.BG for the past six years. Our unique take on this industry offers valuable solutions for finding the best work opportunities, useful information about various employers, and exclusive IT job listings.

The future is defined by the latest software technologies and by the talents who constantly push the industry forward, nurturing growth and evolution for everyone in the vast IT ecosystem.

We are proud to be an active creator of this ecosystem in Bulgaria and help you find your place in the future of tech. Visit DEV.BG Job Board, and take advantage of all benefits that the Bulgarian IT market has in store for you.