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29 апр.
Обявата е публикувана в следните минибордове
  • Sofia, Bulgaria
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    WE ARE

    SoftServe is about advisors and software providers. We are an organization that has a broad range of competencies and works with different clients around the world.


    A professional willing to take on the challenge to develop others and him/herself with

    • A Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Computer Science, Business or similar
    • Professional education or training in Product Management (GoPractice!, Pragmatic Marketing, etc.)
    • At least 3 years of proven experience in product management
    • Experience of taking ownership of all aspects of the product – from the product discovery to the maintenance
    • Background working with the U.S. or European companies
    • PDLC knowledge and you understand how the software industry works
    • The general concept of application programming and database and system design (desirable)
    • Knowledge of the differences between commonly used software architectures (desirable)
    • The cores of basic revenue models, profit and loss projections, and cost-to-completion projections
    • A concept of project pricing models and billing procedures
    • Technology background
    • Upper-Intermediate +English level


    Competence Development

    • Delivery Excellence: pursuing corporate excellence in the processes and practices that are core to product management. As a part of PdMO, being accountable for these processes and cooperating with competence managers from other functional offices in mastering SDLC & PDLC processes company-wide
    • People Excellence: working as an evaluator for the performance appraisals and reviews for other product managers in the company
    • Product Excellence: working on defining, updating, controlling, and sustaining the product development standards in the company and for the SoftServe clients
    • Trainings & Education: coordinating the developing, implementation, and maintenance of the product management training programs, covering the best industry practices, frameworks, tools, and concepts; monitoring the completion of the training activities
    • Expert Network Development: contributing to the corporate-wide development of the product management competence by establishing expert groups consisting of the PdM representatives of all levels; maintaining, managing, and reorganizing those expert groups according to the company’s business needs
    • Competence Development: establishing and maintaining general qualification standards for all levels of the PdM staff as well as dedicated qualification standards for the PdM members of the expert groups
    • Hiring: maintaining and improving the qualification process for recruiting external candidates for the project management positions
    • Knowledge Base Development: coordinating the process of establishing, maintaining, and updating the knowledge base of the product management practices, approaches, and processes used on all projects company-wide. Ensuring the product-specific knowledge is properly added to the corporate knowledge base. Ensuring the product management practices are distributed across all levels of the PdM staff and members of the PdM competence groups
    • Community Support: facilitating the process of educating the PdM community by running open seminars, presentations, master classes, blogs, webcasts, and conferences, involving project managers from other companies and promoting the company as a regional leader in the product management
    • Thought Leadership: participating in the industry-recognized conferences dedicated to product management and represents the company’s best solutions in the product management area
    • Knowledge Base Update: leading the investigation and development of the emerging product management practices, frameworks, and tools
    • Mentoring: acting as a coach and mentor for all levels of the PdM staff; maintaining the PdMO Coaching and Mentoring program

    Delivery Excellence (product excellence)

    • Performing product assessments (General Performance, PDLC, and Product Management practices) as part of the corporate initiative for improving delivery excellence
    • Establishing and maintains SoftServe’s product status monitoring and control system to ensure and improve corporate delivery excellence
    • Participating in the product estimation review process during the proposal phase to ensure that all possible product efforts, costs, risks, and assumptions, as well as the processes for the product development, have been taken into consideration before providing the end client with a final product proposal document when needed
    • Facilitating the creation of demo & case materials based on the successfully delivered products, using product management approaches and practices, and covering various aspects of product development

    Human Resources

    • Assisting in recruiting and onboarding new employees (those related to PdMO)
    • Managing resources temporarily without product assignments and are not involved in any of the product of any of the departments; provides a kind of a ‘temporary home’ for them in collaboration with GTO
    • Facilitating the process of filling product positions of different PM competence levels with the appropriate specialists


    • Work on a startup inside a big corporation – develop product management!
    • Set up the best practices & build the best product team ever
    • Change lives of the millions of different products’ users via helping our PdMs
    • Work in an awesome PdMO team to make things happen