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Една от всички 340 обяви за Fullstack Development в София

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Smart Token Labs
Full Stack Developer
Remote - Fullstack Development Remote 7 000 - 10 500лв. Toggle additional info B2B контракт
B2B контракт Сумата, която фирмата работодател изплаща по фактура според B2B контракт, на тази сума се дължат данъци и осигуровки. Виж повече

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  • Sofia, Bulgaria
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    We’re growing our tech team at Smart Token Labs. Join us in building the fundamental components for Web3. We have two products – AlphaWallet and TokenScript.

    Smart Token Labs is looking for fellow self-motivated full-stack developers to join the team and lead the development of various smart contracts and web3 components for TokenScript. Experience in creating, deploying and maintaining web3 websites for at least one year is a must for this role.

    AlphaWallet is the most popular fully open-source, non-custodial multi-chain wallet, used by 300+ projects in the blockchain community. TokenScript technology enables blockchain tokens to be smart; allowing tokens to be used as car keys, event Tickets etc.

    Smart Token Labs was founded in 2017 and is envisions to be a cornerstone of the decentralized community. That also means that most of the work you would be doing with us is (or will become) open source. Hence this is also an opportunity to contribute to the fabric of this rapidly growing space.

    Our ideal candidate would be comfortable working on full sub-projects; bringing a concept hatched by our UX/ideas team (in which you would eventually contribute) into actuality and released for end users. You should have an eye for detail, and we don’t like to say OCD but it might seem like that at times; when the feature has to be just right.

    We work with elements of ‘extreme programming’ in that the driving philosophy is similar to the hackathon where you would lay down code that fulfills the task, but you will later re-factor to produce minimal, simple and clean code that’s easy to maintain.

    You would be working with the Product, Tech, Design and Marketing teams to transform specifications into beautiful, smooth, resilient components.

    Note that the role would not necessarily be confined to smart contract development. If you have a concept that’s compatible with the eventual goal of the company then we would encourage that. For example; in our early days we took a detour and built a fully functioning Ethereum -> IoT bridge so that we could power the office door with ethereum tokens.


    • Develop and maintain the websites, applications and various components of our software offerings
    • Take complete end-to-end technical & engineering ownership of one or more applications / product features.
    • As a full-stack developer, design, develop, document and implement new functionality, as well as build enhancements, modifications, and corrections to existing software.
    • Create design documents, code, unit/functional test, document and implement new programs and subprograms, as well as enhancements, modifications, and corrections to existing software
    • Working closely in collaboration with the product and design teams. Provide guidance on best implementation.
    • Collaborate with others teams at Smart Token Labs (desktop, mobile and web) to formulate best practices.
    • Work alongside privacy and security experts to help provide a secure and private experience for our users.
    • Work with the open source community on GitHub – help guide contributors by being transparent about our work items and helping review externally submitted work. Contribute back to the community when possible (improving an open source library we use, etc).


    • 2+ years of relevant experience in blockchain technology and web3 space
    • 5+ years experience in software engineering
    • Expert knowledge and experience in TypeScript, Svelte / Routify, Tailwind CSS, Fastify, Ethers.js, AWS Lambda, PostgreSQL, IPFS necessary
    • Knowledge of Solidity, EVM, smart contract design patterns, and security best practices would be desirable
    • High Level technical understanding of and passion for NFTs, Web3 and crypto in general
    • Solid experience in delivering resilient and secure code in Solidity
    • Experience working with collaboration tools such as Discord, Telegram, and Zoom
    • Autonomous in taking ownership and at the same time team player
    • Detail-oriented and highly organized

    This position is remote-friendly. Qualified candidates from anywhere are welcomed to apply.