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Senior Backend Java Developer

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    In Pliant, we use Java to implement our core backend needs for our product. Our backend serves our frontend and our customers with the necessary APIs and functionalities to get the job done. We’re looking to fill out the role of a backend developer in our team. We can accept or ramp up backend developers with various skill levels.  

    The right candidate should meet the requirements of what’s commonly known as a “senior-level” software developer.

    You won’t be able to do your job without:

    • Knowledge and working experience in the following technologies: Java, Spring(boot), Hibernate, RabbitMQ
    • At least five years of experience with building software and applying Object-oriented software design, Software Design Patterns and Data Structures, such as Template Method, Decorator, Composite, Proxy, etc.
    • More than three years of experience building modern backend services;
    • Knowledge and working experience in at least one of these: MySQL, InfluxDB, Minio, MongoDB
    • Working experience with basic Linux and bash scripting
    • Working experience in NodeJS
    • Excellent understanding of HTTP and REST.
    • Ability to work effectively in an agile team
    • Working-level English language

    We will be delighted if you also have one or more of these in the order below. It’s OK if you don’t – we’ll teach you if/when needed:

    • Domain knowledge in process automation and orchestration software (this is what we do – check pliant.io website for details)
    • Knowledge and working experience in one or more of those: Express, NestJS, Python, Flask
    • Experience in Unit and API testing
    • Experience with Groovy or Geb or Spock or Selenium or Jenkins or SonarCloud.
    • This is what we use to manage our CI/CD pipeline, but it’s not a strict requirement for starting in this role. However, you’ll get in touch with at least some of them;
    • Networking and DevOps skills (Docker, Kubernetes, VMs)
    • Pliant is a microservices-architecture solution and is built and runs on K8s / K3s;
    • JIRA and Confluence, as you will use these on a daily basis;
    • Degree in Computer Science or another relevant field (that’s one we can’t teach you).
    • Mentoring experience

    Work Arrangements:

    • Flexible work hours:

    We work 40 hours per week. You can choose any 8 hours during the day, from 8 am to 10 pm. You decide the details of your workday, as far as you cover your commitment, 40h per work week, Monday to Friday.

    • Remote work:

    We work remotely from our home, which can be anywhere in Bulgaria. 
    We can also work out of our company’s office in Sofia.

    • We will provide you with all the necessary equipment to do your work effectively. 

    The position is eligible to:

    • Participate in the company’s additional benefits scheme
    • Request additional software licenses, hardware, and accessories needed for work 
    • Request and receive training as needed 
    • Request to participate in relevant industry conferences

    A bit more about the role:

    At Pliant, we develop a low-code automation and orchestration platform that optimizes repetitive IT admin tasks by integrating mission-critical platforms, services, and applications at the API level.

    Pliant acts as the glue between popular platforms such as Azure, Amazon Web Services, OpenStack, Slack, Kubernetes, Microsoft 365, Atlassian, Jenkins, G Suite, Google Cloud, Hubspot, Citrix, VMware, and many more. Automation with Pliant empowers organizations to modernize their infrastructure, meet rapidly changing customer expectations, and drive business growth.

    We’re a distributed team with colleagues across Bulgaria, the USA, and also Serbia, China

    This role will report directly to the Head of the Backend and will be required to participate in all of the team’s weekly meetings. Backend developers also participate in additional discussions with the Product Owner and other stakeholders to help define our product’s requirements. 

    We expect our senior developers to guide and share knowledge and best practices with junior developers within the team and help them with technical issues. 

    As part of the Engineering unit at Pliant, we expect senior developers to represent the company professionally and champion the company’s values and principles.

    Detailed Responsibilities:

    • Write clean code in line with industry standards and technology best practices
    • Develop scalable and reliable microservices. Innovate and further develop new features and improvements for the platform
    • Build distributed messaging & event management systems
    • In the production phase, participate in hardening the system to ensure continuous operation
    • Report to and work on tasks as requested or communicated by the Head of Backend Development, and the VP of Engineering
    • Help, guide and mentor junior developers with technical advice and mentorship if needed
    • Participate in weekly SCRUM meetings, requirement gathering and estimation sessions, and code reviews
    • Contribute to the estimation of user stories and bugs, and contribute to SCRUM sprints by developing new features and improvements for the platform, as well as remediation of bugs
    • Collaborate with developers, product owners, designers, and key stakeholders to refine technical requirements
    • Suggest new features, improvements, and other roadmap additions   
    • Research and evaluate new methodologies and technologies that improve the quality, reliability, and performance of the backend team
    • Apply software engineering principles and best practices in your daily work
    • Participate in company-wide meetings, initiatives, and training sessions

    Our interview process is conducted online in 3 steps

    • Initial interview 
    • Technical assessment interview
    • Final interview