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HR агенция ManpowerGroup Bulgaria

Senior Python Developer


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    Tech Stack / Изисквания

    For one of our partner we are searching Senior Python Developer.

    The Senior Python Developer role entails designing and refining machine learning software and research infrastructure. Integrated with MLOps and research teams, critical thinking and effective communication are essential. The ideal candidate has extensive Python, AWS, Docker, and MLOps experience, along with a creative mindset and data awareness. Opportunities for career growth and development are available in a dynamic environment.

    Technical Skills:

    • Your 8+ years of experience in Python programming demonstrate a deep understanding of the language, which is crucial for developing and maintaining complex software solutions.
    • Proficiency in cloud computing, particularly AWS, will be valuable for building scalable and reliable infrastructure.
    • Experience with Docker containers indicates your ability to work with containerized environments, ensuring consistency across different development and deployment stages.
    • Handling large datasets is a key requirement, and your experience in this area will enable you to effectively work with the data pipelines and analytics tools used in finance and economics.
    • Task scheduling and DAGs (Directed Acyclic Graphs) are essential for orchestrating complex workflows, and your familiarity with these concepts will be beneficial.
    • Exposure to unit and integration testing frameworks showcases your commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable software.
    • Proficiency in Git reflects your ability to collaborate effectively with team members and manage version control efficiently.

    Soft Skills:

    • Your strong communication skills, both written and oral, will facilitate collaboration with cross-functional teams and enable you to articulate technical concepts clearly.
    • Self-awareness, intellectual curiosity, and a team-player mentality are essential for thriving in a dynamic, collaborative environment .
    • As a self-starter with an enthusiastic and positive mindset, you’ll contribute to a culture of innovation and continuous improvement within the team.

    Nice to Have Skills:

    • While not mandatory, your degree in a technical or quantitative discipline provides a solid foundation for understanding complex financial concepts and implementing sophisticated algorithms.
    • Experience with Python libraries like pandas, NumPy, and TensorFlow demonstrates your proficiency in data analysis and machine learning, which are highly relevant to the role.
    • Knowledge of time series analysis, data mining, and statistical tools further enhances your ability to extract meaningful insights from financial data.
    • Exposure to Agile methodology aligns well an iterative approach to software development.
    • Your interest in machine learning techniques, particularly deep learning, suggests a willingness to explore innovative solutions to financial challenges.
    • Familiarity with equity markets and experience with KDB+ / q are valuable assets that can enrich your contributions to the team.

    Company Culture and Benefits:

    • Compane’s meritocratic and driven team environment, coupled with opportunities for personal and academic development, reflects a commitment to fostering professional growth.
    • The benefits and work conditions, including flexible hours, continued education opportunities, and various perks, contribute to a supportive and rewarding workplace culture.

    If you’re up for the challenge, apply now! Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Confidentiality is guaranteed!

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