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Man Group

Python Developer – Security Engineering


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    Tech Stack / Изисквания

    As a member of the Infosec Engineering team, you will work on a wide variety of projects. The team is a project focused technical team, where you will get to work on projects that have impact across the whole organization. Being a small team you will have influence from day one and be able to drive the direction of Infosec technology at Man.

    We work alongside the other tech teams on projects that will improve the security posture of the organization, and help and guide users and teams to make good security choices. We aim to provide systematic ways of defining polices and rules – for example by using common Infrastructure As Code tools to maintain configuration.

    The team, and also the wider organization, value a passion for technology and see leading edge techniques as a part of keeping the business at the forefront of its field. The tech stack in Man Group is diverse, with Windows/Mac desktops/laptops, Linux (desktops and servers), HPC clusters, cloud technologies (on-prem and off), Docker and Kubernetes, and all manner of other technologies.

    Some potential projects you will be able to work on are:

    Finding the most appropriate network segmentation and firewall rules, and building tools to roll these out

    zero trust networking implementation

    End user and corporate tool selection (E.g. Finding the most appropriate password manager, selecting deploying IGA/IAM solutions)

    Azure OIDC roll out

    Endpoint DLP solutions

    Building a framework for automated testing of policy rules, and developing tests to verify the state of our setup

    Probing our infrastructure to find weak spots

    What we expect

    We’re looking for people who have a broad knowledge of infrastructure technologies. We have a large install of Linux, so a solid understanding of Linux and related technologies is key. Experience of networking technologies is beneficial. You will probably have worked as a Linux engineer (or a related low-level role), and maybe also have some Windows/Active Directory experience, and experience of using and running some cloud services. We are a small team, and we automate as much as possible, so an understanding of Python (or other programming language) is a must. Ideally some experience from configuration management tools (Ansible, Chef, Puppet, etc) and Infrastructure as code tools.

    You should care about end users – this is very important to us, and we cannot afford for Infosec Engineering to be seen as a blocker to our users – we want to help users make correct choices and provide them tools for making those choices.

    We prefer strong reasoning and ability to learn and grow over particular technologies or certifications. As we work closely with teams across the organization, strong communication skills and the ability to help set and keep priorities and manage time spent, is important.

    Hopefully you will have a passion for learning new tools and techniques, for improving security, reliability, and user experience in systematic ways.

    Bring your inspiration and new ideas – we love updating and improving our environment!