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Solidity Full-Stack Dev – DeFi – Synthetic Assets
21 сеп.
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  • Sofia, Bulgaria
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    Our mission is to** enable a liquid, robust, open and composable asset issuance layer on Ethereum using synthetic assets**.

    • Synthetics are the lowest layer in the DeFi stack and will power financial dApps (payment, trading, lending etc.)
    • We are starting with Forex! DeFi is global and should not be USD-centered, to onboard millions of new users.

    What we are building **
    **Synthereum Protocol

    • Multi-collateralized synthetic assets built on the top of UMA and Chainlink
    • flexible minting process using pools (liquidity pools, borrowing pools, derivatives pools, etc.)

    Right now, the protocol is live and only supports minting against a liquidity pool in USDC. We need you to add all the other way of minting like minting/borrowing against a collateral, minting derivatives such as CFDs or options…
    🔥 *

    • Synthetic-based wallet (powered by Tor.us)
    • Uniswap-like exchange (https://app.jarvis.exchange)
    • On-chain dashboard powered by TheGraph

    For now we have launched our Dex, and we are looking to implement cool features, like atomic swap between synthetic assets and non-synthetic assets, limit orders, margin trading etc.
    🤑 *
    Job Description**
    You are a defi power user up to date with the last development within the ecosystem.

    Together, we will work on:

    • Internal security audits and testing, code reviews
    • Adding more collateral type for our synthetic assets
    • Governance (Snapshot, Gnosis Safe)
    • Implementing staking and game theory for LP
    • Layer2
    • Arbitrage bot between AMMs and Synthereum
    • Liquidity incentives for synthetic assets on AMMs
    • Building new primitives (CFDs, options, futures)

    Our tech stack: Solidity, JavaScript/TypeScript, Redux-style architecture, Docker, NodeJS, web3.js