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HR агенция Grove Global Consult

Senior Database Engineer


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    Tech Stack / Изисквания

    Grove Global Consult a consulting and recruitment agency, providing strategic consulting services in the areas of the private business sector worldwide. For one of our clients a fast-growing company, we are looking for a Senior Database Engineer.

    Are you a seasoned expert in database engineering looking for your next challenge? Look no further! We have an exciting opportunity available for a Senior Database Engineer to join our dynamic team.


    Schema Design: Collaborate with the Database Architect to translate high-level structure and Logical Data Models into detailed schema designs, including tables, relationships, views, indexes, etc

    Query Development: Develop efficient and optimized SQL queries for CRUD operations and complex data retrieval or manipulation, ensuring high performance and data integrity

    Stored Procedures and Functions: Design, write, and optimize stored procedures and functions to encapsulate complex logic within the database, enhancing data processing efficiency and maintainability

    Views: Create and manage views to simplify data access or structure data in specific ways for applications, promoting data abstraction and enhancing application performance

    Schema Migrations: Implement changes to the database schema over time while ensuring data integrity and consistency, utilizing scripts or migration tools to transition between schema versions seamlessly

    Performance Tuning: Analyze query performance, identify bottlenecks, and suggest/implement optimizations, including indexing strategies, to improve overall database performance and responsivenes

    Database Testing: Design and execute tests to ensure queries and procedures function as expected and the database performs efficiently under various load conditions, including unit tests for functions and integration tests for the entire system

    Documentation: Prepare comprehensive documentation related to database designs, procedures, and any changes made, ensuring clear understanding by other team members and future developers, and facilitating effective collaboration and maintenance


    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or related field
    • 5+ years of experience in database engineering, with expertise in SQL, PostgreSQL and database optimization techniques
    • Proficiency in designing and implementing data pipelines and ETL processes
    • Strong understanding of data modeling, schema design, and database architecture
    • Knowledge of data security practices and compliance standards
    • Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively in cross-functional teams


    • Health insurance
    • Performance bonus
    • Guaranteed annual salary increase

    Join our client’s team and be part of a team where your expertise will be valued, and your contributions will make a significant impact. Apply now and take your career to new heights with us!

    Recruitment license issued by Ministry of Labor and Social Policy under No 3018 / 30.04.2020.