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Remote - DevOps Remote 7 000 - 11 000лв. Toggle additional info B2B контракт
B2B контракт Сумата, която фирмата работодател изплаща по фактура според B2B контракт, на тази сума се дължат данъци и осигуровки. Виж повече

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    Join our team as a key member of Google’s Bazel Experts program and work with many top companies around the world to deploy Bazel to build and test their many millions of lines of code. Learn the absolute best practices in writing custom build rules, BUILD file generation, build graph analysis, dependency management, distributed builds and build caching, and more.

    Between engagements with high-profile customers, work with our product team directly on the products themselves: developer tools for Bazel.

    Responsibilities and Duties:

    • Implement Bazel to build & test customer code, migrating from legacy build systems
    • Create platform and toolchain definitions for all tools used to build & test customer projects, for both well-known compilers as well as bespoke internal tools
    • Write custom build rules in Starlark (as well as automated tests for these rules) for customer use-cases not covered by the default and existing open-source rulesets
    • Create tools to automate the above as much as possible (custom BUILD file generation)
    • Work as a member of Flare’s expert team and directly as a member of customer teams
    • Contribute to customer or Flare-owned open-source projects which share these rules with the wider ecosystem


    • Undergraduate degree in Computer Science or higher
    • 4+ years of experience in a SWE role, 3+ years of experience with a major language
    • 2+ years of experience working in one of the following roles (or similar):
      • Engineering Productivity / Effectiveness
      • DevX, Dev Tools
    • 2+ years working with bash, python, lua, or other scripted languages to create tools
    • Deep, expert understanding of how the compiler and toolchain works for your language(s) of choice
    • Strong grasp of CS fundamentals (algorithms, data structures); cursory knowledge of graph theory; basic working knowledge of cryptography & hashing
    • Self-motivated, comfortable with ambiguity, and capable of solving new & exciting challenges at the cutting edge of software. Most of all, a desire to learn.
    • Bonus: Experience creating custom compilers/linkers/parsers/lexers/linters and similar