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Flutter Developer (Android, iOS), Node js (Server)

DiftCorp | дистанционно
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9 юни
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    Virtual Space Exhibition Art Platform: Make a real exhibition.

    D Emptyspace is:
    A global art platform for artists and art lovers made with self-developed virtual space realization technology.

    <New form, the first virtual space exhibition art platform>
    : The exhibition is the best place to appreciate works, and it is also the appearance that artists most want to show their works. We reproduced this exhibition space on mobile.
    D Emptyspace, made with our own technology, provides not only easy and quick exhibitions, but also full immersion, and is growing rapidly with the evaluation that it gave the first experience and the highest satisfaction from global artists.

    <World’s the largest online gallery>
    : Over the past few months, we have created tens of thousands of online art galleries displaying their works, attracting the participation of more than tens of thousands of artists from around the world, including the United States and the United Kingdom.
    And even at this moment, the number of galleries in D Emptyspace is increasing rapidly.

    <Space of various art business opportunities>

    : D Emptyspace aims to provide new business opportunities to increase artist value and sell works beyond presenting and sharing works.

    Using various functions such as Art Portfolio, Private Exhibition, Art Selling, and Data Management in your own space, it leads to business possibility and value creation.

    We pursue this culture.

    Let’s make it together.

    1. One team that achieves the growth together

    : We are a team that creates outcomes together. We constantly encourage and support each other with the belief that personal growth leads to the growth of everyone. We provide generous support for education expenses, books, etc. for personal development.

    2. Fierceness, compensation accordingly

    : We have a philosophy that we must reward as much as the team can give to team members who have devoted themselves to the team with intense effort. By grasping the efforts and achievements of the team and each team member, we consider and introduce a system that can compensate the maximum accordingly.

    3. Role organization based on respect and trust

    : We are given the responsibility and authority together as the role experts in our mission. Role experts carry out their duties responsibly, and the team trusts and fulfills their decisions. This is because everyone on the team respects each other based on the belief that they are professional in their respective roles.

    <Talent Award>
    We are made up of a creative development team that emphasizes the importance of R&D and an attractive design team that fascinates artists, looking for talent to take on new adventures, such as:

    + Creative challenger
    : Creative and active talents who challenge without hesitation with innovative thinking and new perspectives.

    + Persistent dreamer
    : Talent who dreams of becoming a global top pioneering a new path with passion that does not give up.

    + Humble talent
    : I’m a person more than a person. Confidence over pride.
    : A talented person with flexible thinking who recognizes the importance of collective intelligence rather than a single genius and acknowledges that they are different from others.


    • Experience in cross-platform mobile software development (Android/iOS) using technologies such as React Native, Flutter, GO/ Golang, JavaScript, TypeScript, Dart, C#
    • Familiarity with API Development (REST, Web API, WCF, SOAP)
    • Experience with full-lifecycle design, development, and testing of critical business applications
    • Good problem solving skills with attention to detail
    • Strong verbal, written, interpersonal, and organizational skills in English
    • Ability to work independently and in a team environment
    • Ability to multitask effectively
    • Reliable, highly motivated, with a positive attitude
    • Experience with mySQL Server
    • Degree in Computer Science or related field

    Who we are:

    DIFT stands for Discover the Gift, which means:
    We pursue a ‘market-oriented’ start-up that grows with customers by presenting and disseminating customer content to the world like a ‘gift’.

    In addition, we dream of a ‘people-centered’ startup that discovers and grows the ‘talent’ of the team members with us to lead to the development of the team.