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Frontend Developer


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    Tech Stack / Изисквания

    About us

    We, at CleverPine, have taken on the ambitious mission to redefine the notion of an IT service company. By building on a team of great people, focusing on human potential, and establishing complete trust with our clients we deliver digital journeys powered by technology and innovation.

    We challenge the traditional view of digital and push projects far beyond their original concept. We find difficult problems incredibly exciting and get hyped up by creating solutions that fundamentally change how businesses operate and bring results that matter.

    Zero corporate BS is our golden rule. We are straight shooters, who obsess about thinking fast and put extreme focus on practical solutions in every aspect of what we do. Our selection process is no exception – a single interview followed by feedback within 48 hours.

    Please read carefully below because we truly mean what we say.

    Who we look for:

    We are looking for a talented and driven Experienced Front-end Developer to join our fast-growing team in Sofia. As such, you need to have an in-depth understanding of the front-end ecosystem and will be expected to leverage that knowledge to develop sustainable enterprise solutions, consult our clients, and grow together as a team.

    Some of your key responsibilities

    • Take an active role in identifying the tooling and infrastructure needs of a software project, and participate in defining and executing the plan to implement them
    • Constantly improve the quality of our tools, infrastructure, and software solutions
    • Consult our clients on how to best meet their business goals by leveraging best practices and industry standards
    • Stay on top of new, relevant technologies, and test the promising ones to make sure we do not miss great opportunities to boost our productivity
    • Mentor team members and help them grow both as professionals and software engineers

      What we look for:

    • Development proficiency. Deep knowledge and at least 3 years’ experience in JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML & CSS, and knowledge in designing, developing, and debugging complex solutions with them.
    • Framework’s experience. Solid understanding and working experience with SPA (Single Page Application) framework such Angular, React or other frameworks
    • CSS pre-processors. Hands-on experience with CSS pre-processors such as SASS or LESS.
    • Build and Optimization tools. Strong understanding of performance optimization techniques, cross-browser compatibility, development productivity, and efficiency through tools like Webpack, Rollup, Parcel, etc.
    • Responsive Design. Obsession with building fully responsive and adaptive solutions for Web and Mobile browsers
    • Ambition. Eagerness to learn and reach new levels of technical and personal mastery. Ability to grasp new concepts effectively, push yourself out of your comfort zone and tackle unexpected challenges.
    • Self-discipline and precision. Good organizational skills and ability to focus your attention effectively. You can be entrusted with responsibilities and can manage and keep deadlines.
    • Team player. Your team’s success is your success. “Ego” is a hated word.
    • Proficiency in English. Excellent command of spoken and written English.

    Our tech stack:

    • Languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS
    • Frameworks: Angular 2+, ReactJS
    • State Management: Redux, MobX, RXJS Subjects, Context, NGRX Store
    • HTTP Client: fetch API, Axios, HTTP Client Module
    • Forms: Formik, React Forms, Reactive Forms
    • Unit Testing: Jest, Enzyme, Karma, Jasmine
    • Style: SASS/SCSS, CSS Modules, LESS
    • CSS Frameworks: Material-UI, React Bootstrap, Semantic UI, Angular-Material, PrimeNG, ng-bootstrap, KendoUI, Devexpress
    • Bundlers: Webpack, Rollup, Parcel
    • Package management: npm, yarn
    • Code Style: ESLint, Prettier
    • Authentication: OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, Firebase, Auth0
    • Development tools: WebStorm, VSC

    What will be considered as an advantage

    • CSS Libraries. Experience with CSS libraries such as Bootstrap, Foundation, etc.
    • Accessibility and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Understanding of Web accessibility and Search engine optimization and ensuring that application will adhere to them.
    • Debugging. Knowledge in debugging using JavaScript-based tools like Chrome Developer Console.
    • Testing. Ability to write Unit Tests using libraries such as Jest, Jasmine, Karma, etc.

    What you can expect from us

    • Top talented and inspiring colleagues. You will get the chance to learn from (and teach) some of the brightest and highly skilled people you will ever meet. We are all about collaboration and helping each other reach our full potential in the fastest way possible.
    • Staying ahead of the curve. We strive to use the most modern, proven and widely used technology stack, creating the right environment to innovate, transform, accelerate, and experiment.
    • Ownership and autonomy. We do not believe in micromanagement, instead, you will take responsibility for your commitments and their outcomes. Together with your team, you have the freedom to choose a design approach, test, fail and build software solutions for high impact.
    • Flexible schedule. This is not a “clock in and out” company. We relentlessly foster productivity; however, we do not track time and do timesheets.
    • Loads of fun. We work hard and dedicated, but when it is playtime, we surely know how to do it in style. We organize awesome events, parties, and company-wide nights out. We love spending time together for outdoor activities, being nerds in board games, and kicking ass in the IT football championship.


    If the above is what drives you, do not hesitate to get in touch. We would love to talk to you.