февруари 22, 2021 @ 7:30 pm – 8:40 pm

This event is part of the DEV.BG’s Java user group.

>>> What’s TDD?;
>>> Benefits and limitations;
>>> Katos;
>>> Behaviour driven development;
>>> Principles of BDD;
>>> Tools?;
>>> Demo;

>>> Q&A part.

Speakers: Vasil Nonchev and Vasil Mitov
Vasil Nonchev
>>> Vasil  is a passionate software engineer with 10 years of professional experience with Java and Android technologies.
>>> Previously, he was a developer for a banking software project, where he explored Java, GWT, Swing, and related technologies, before joining MentorMate 7 years ago. At the moment he is a Software Development Lead in the company.
>>> Vasil likes to implement enterprise solutions that also lay a solid foundation for future development. His professional experience also includes developing multi-tier web applications using Java enterprise technologies and projects for companies in the US related to finance, cloud, food industry, and many more. Currently, Vasil is a Software Development Lead at MentorMate. He has led many seminars and courses, including at a tech conference in Plovdiv in 2014 (where he talked about Android memory leaks) and DevTalks events about “Empowering the smart home with OpenHAB”. Vasil is not the typical day-to-day programmer – he also likes to mentor other young technologists and always seeks ways to overcome challenges using Git.
Vasil Mitov
>>> Vasil Mitov is a Senior Java Developer at MentorMate with 5 years of professional experience. He joined MentorMate in 2019, and since then he has worked on a variety of projects, from small to enterprise – a security library, a warehouse system, and one of the most innovative health projects in the US.
>>> Vasil’s professional experience includes microservice architecture on cloud platforms like AWS and Google App Engine, gRPC, GAE Pub/Sub, MySQL, RPC, Linux frameworks, SparkJava, and many more. He has more than 4 years of solid Java and Kotlin experience. Vasil is a security enthusiast and is knowledgable with OAuth2, Active Directory, SAML.
>>> Vasil is enthusiastic not only about learning new things and developing new skills, but sharing them to the JAVA community – previously he has led presentations in various JAVA topics, including „Event sourcing and CQRS”.

Supported by: EGT Interactive & Mentormate & Paysafe group
EGT Interactive is a Bulgarian software company that develops online gaming solutions. It has a rich portfolio and has clients in over 85 countries. The game content developed by the company is available on 400 websites worldwide.
MentorMate is a 19-year-old American company created and managed by software engineers. Today 600 engineers develop applications for business clients in 5 Bulgarian cities and remotely.
Paysafe group is a leading global provider of complete payment solutions.

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User group: Java
Organized by DEV.BG
February  22nd, 7:30 pm