*The event will be in English.

This event is part of the DEV.BG ‘DevOps’ user group.

DevOps mean different things for different companies. In one company, the person that will do the job will be called SysAdmin and in another a DevOps Eng.
>>> With this talk, Marian will try to compare how both SysAdmins and DevOps people approach different automation tasks.
>>> Discussed software will include, automating software installation/upgrade/deployment, monitoring of services, setting up HA services and similar.
>>> Also he will will try to compare the skill set for both positions.

>>> Q&A part;

Speaker: Marian Marinov
>>> Marian is a sysadmin by heart. He is in this field for more then 20 years.
>>> Currently he is the Head of the DevOps and AI teams at SiteGround.
>>> He is teaching Linux System Administration and Network Security courses in Sofia University.
>>> In his spare time is helping with the coordination of OpenFest – Bulgaria’s biggest FOSS event, RailsGirls, LUG-BG and other conferences and meetings.
>>> He is also part of the video team for both OpenFest and FOSDEM.
>>> Every year, he is speaking at more then 20 conferences world wide.

Supported by: VMware & SBTech & SoftServe
VMware is a global leader in cloud infrastructures and business mobility technologies, It has been present in Bulgaria for 11 years and is among the top 3 strategic VMware development centers worldwide
SBTech is a product technology company, a leading provider of online sports betting products in the world.
SoftServe is an international IT company specializing in software development and consulting services. 

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User group: DevOps
Organized by DEV.BG

May 12th, 7:30 pm